In the podcast market, there are lots of directories where you can publish your show. Depending on the type of directory, a different publication system can be used.

Automatic distribution

Automatic distribution is the simplest one and consists in publishing your show within the show directory without having to take any additional steps. With the automatic distribution, you can send your podcast to all directories enabled with this feature in order to send it automatically with a simple click. To see how to automatically submit your show click here.

Podcast directories enabled for this feature are:

  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music
  • Samsung podcast
  • PodcastIndex
  • Listen Notes

In addition, your show will also be automatically published in the community. 

Guided distribution

Some directories do not allow automatic publication of your show via the control panel and you must manually access the directory by creating an account and publishing your show by adding your Podcast Feed RSS.

In the "Guided distribution" section we explain step by step how to publish your podcast in the following directories:

Apple Podcast (Check our Guide here!)

Google Podcast (Check our Guide here!)

Manual distribution

By manual distribution we mean the autonomous sending of your Podcast RSS feed to any Podcast directory on the web that is compatible with the market standards. For example, you can submit your show to the following directories, please follow the steps provided in our guides:

iHeartRadio (Website | Check our Guide here!)

Pandora (Website | Check our Guide here!)

Deezer (Website | Check our Guide here!)

TuneIn and Alexa (Website | Check our Guide here!)

Important: Some directories require an email address to be included in your RSS feed URL to be accepted. For security purposes, normally does not include your email address in your feed. We do have a tool to temporarily include your email address when submitting to directories. Follow the instructions in How to enable the email address in the RSS feed to enable your email address.