Before uploading your first episode you need to create your podcast. Check how here: How do I to set up my first podcast? 

Once you've set up your podcast, you are now ready to upload your first podcast episode. To start, log into your account, select "My Podcast" select "New episode." 

1. Add your episode title (required)

2. Add your episode description (required)

3. Add Season number and episode number

4. Select the episode type (what does it mean?)

5. Check if the episode contains explicit contents

6. Add episode keywords (optional but recommended)

7. Add your audio file (required)

  • Max file size: 600 MB

  • Recommended format: mp3

  • File name with standard chars, for example: "episode1.mp3", "episode2.mp3" etc ...

  • When you submit your podcast, keep in mind that the upload process may take a few minutes depending on the audio file size

  • Do not close your browser until the process is completed

  • Select "Save changes"

8. Publish your episode or schedule your episode

9. Wait the upload process

10. Great, you uploaded your first episode!