Podcasting 2.0 is a new standard intended to improve and modernize podcast feeds to better service podcasters and their listeners. To put it simply; Podcasting 2.0 adds a bunch of new options and tools for a podcast feed! Take a look at some new features Podcasting 2.0 feeds offer. RSS.com  has already adopted many of the 2.0 utilities, and more are coming your way! Currently active features are hot-linked in blue on the list below, and are clearly marked with the 2.0 label throughout your dashboard.

Important: Adoption of Podcasting 2.0 features by RSS.com does not guarantee they have also been adopted by and will work with every directory. 

Podcast 2.0 Features:

Important: Location tags, Soundbites, and TXT are advanced features that can be enabled under the "Settings" tab.