Enhanced Storytelling with Podcasting 2.0 Chapters

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Dive into the World of Enhanced Storytelling with Podcasting 2.0 Chapters

At RSS.com, we’re all about bringing your podcast to life in ways that captivate and engage your audience. That’s why we're excited to talk about one of our favorite features: Podcasting 2.0 chapters. This feature isn’t just an addition; it’s a game-changer for podcasters looking to provide a richer, more interactive listening experience.

Why Chapters?

Think of chapters as a tool to give your episodes a structure that listeners can navigate effortlessly. Want to highlight a key moment, provide additional context, or share resources? Chapters let you do all that and more, with the added superpowers of hyperlinks, images, and custom titles.

Podcasting 2.0 chapters are about more than just functionality. They’re about enriching your podcast’s story, providing value at the moment, and creating a dynamic listening experience that keeps your audience coming back for more.

Imagine your listeners being able to visually follow along with your narrative, clicking through to explore content further, or simply marveling at the thematic images you’ve chosen to accompany each chapter. It’s a level of interaction and engagement that elevates your podcast.

Here’s How It Works

Visibility Front and Center: At RSS.com and other supported apps, chapters take the spotlight. When a chapter is up, listeners will see the title, and, if you’ve added one, a clickable link right at the top right of their screen. But it doesn’t stop there; if there’s a chapter image, that becomes the cover art, immersing your audience even deeper into the story you’re telling.

Always On Display: No chapter? No problem. The chapter list stays accessible, and the default podcast or episode art shines through, ensuring your branding is always in view.

Get Started

Ready to add chapters to your next episode? Here's how to do it.

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