1. Click on the "Monetization" tab of your dashboard. 

2. Select the "Activate" button inside the "Value 4 Value" section.

3. You're going to get the prompt to activate Value 4 Value. Click on "Sounds good, let's go!"

4. You will get redirected to Alby. There you will have the option to create an account or login. Click on the option that applies to you.

5. You will be prompted to authorize RSS.com to access your Alby account. Click "Authorize"

6. Login to your email, and find the "Welcome to Alby" confirmation email. It may take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox. If the confirmation doesn't arrive within five minutes, check your spam folder. Inside the email, click the "Click here to confirm your email address" button.

6. You are all set! You'll be redirected to your Alby page where you can get you "lightning address," send and receive payments, and adjust your settings.