podcasters can monetize their shows by providing early access and exclusive episodes to their fans through Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

In both cases, there are many advantages to publish subscriber episodes. For your listeners - they can help support your show and encourage you to create more content. For the podcaster - Apple Podcasts Subscriptions are an exciting way for users to monetize their shows by offering premium content to listeners for a small monthly fee.

However, there are some differences between the two types of subscriber episodes:

Early access episodes are released early to people who pay for your show’s subscription through Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. You can release your episodes up to two weeks prior to your public release date. Only your paid subscribers will have access to those episodes during the early access period. Then, on your public release date, everyone - including non paying subscribers - will be able to listen to your content.

Exclusive episodes on the other hand are only available to paying subscribers. These episodes will not show up in your public RSS feed at any time.