Our analytics data is updated, at least, every 24 hours. However, some components are updated several times per day — below there's a breakdown of how and how often we compute the data depending on different metrics:

  • Downloads today and last 30d: calculated hourly (with a 12 month retention period)
  • Downloads all time: calculated hourly (and never deleted)
  • Followers: calculated hourly (it changes only when a new episode is uploaded, because the value is calculated as the average of downloads during the first 24 hours of the last 3 episodes).
  • Downloads (trend): hourly (and never deleted)
  • Followers (trend): based on followers, calculated hourly (never deleted, always last value)
  • Top episodes (5 episodes and all episodes): daily granularity, but hourly calculation
  • Top 5 locations and all geolocations: hourly (cycle: last 6 months)
  • Download time and week day (see "Heatmap"): hourly
  • Devices, platform, client: hourly, with daily summary resolution (with a 3 month retention period) 

For a better understanding of how our analytics works, please, check this guide. And for more details of how we calculate all the data, please, check this one.