All plans get access to the analytics in the Overview section of the Audience page. This includes: 

  • Followers this month

  • All-Time Total Downloads

  • Downloads today

  • Downloads yesterday

  • Downloads this month

  • Downloads previous month

  • Followers group month (data starts on March 16, 2020)

  • Downloads group by month (data starts on March 16, 2020)

  • Top 5 Episodes and Downloads

  • Devices, platforms, and Client Apps where your podcast has listened

  • All episodes downloads

  • The 5 locations with the highest number of downloads

  • Interactive map with the areas with the highest downloads

  • The geographic location of your podcast listeners

  • Downloads Time and Week Day


While does provide industry-leading analytics to podcasters, it is not currently possible to accurately determine how many followers a show has. This is because most podcast players, apps, and directories either do not track followers or they don't report those numbers.

However, you can estimate the number of followers for your show, and provides a new first-of-it's-kind metric called Followers, which counts the number of individual listener devices that download or stream your show. Followers numbers are the average of the first 24 hours of unique downloads for your last 3 episodes.

To get a rough estimate of your show's followers numbers, keep an eye on the number of downloads your show receives in the first 24 hours after you publish a new episode.

If your show is released every Friday at 6:00 am and you get around 100 downloads every Friday morning week after week, then it's safe to assume that you have roughly 100 followers (keep in mind that promoting the episode on social media and through other channels can lead to new listeners who may not follow to the show).

Today, This month and All time downloads

We use the terminology ‘download’ to represent someone listening to your episode from any player in most of our Analytics (the audio is incrementally ‘downloaded’ in order to be played from a device). 

Important: Deleting an episode does not affect the statistics. The data includes any episodes that have been removed.

Followers and Downloads group by month

Top 5 Episodes and Downloads

First 1,3,7,30,60,90 downloads since release (5 latest episodes).

Top episodes are ordered by their total unique downloads. 

Let’s try to explain this table with an example. The following table displays this information:

The first episode has been downloaded 3 times the first day, 7 times in the first week, 10 times the first month. The next stats are still waiting to be processed.

Clicking on the header column, it is possible to rearrange the table

Top 5 locations with the highest number of downloads

At the bottom of this table you can see the full list of all locations sorted by number of downloads.


 In this section, you can find the percentage of downloads by different devices your audience uses. Larger graphs indicate a higher percentage of these devices compared to the total used.


The Platforms section shows the operating systems where your podcast has been played. Larger graphs indicate a higher percentage of the operating systems compared to the total used

Clients Apps

Here you can find the apps your audience uses to listen to your podcast: the graphs are shown as a percentage of the total number of reproductions.

Downloads by location

The heatmap allows you to see the geographic location of the places where your podcast is most popular. Red dots indicate a broader audience by geographic area.

Download time and week day

Heatmap showing your unique downloads by week day and time. The darker the color, the higher the number of downloads. You can use this information to schedule the optimal publishing time for your new episodes and maximize downloads. All times are local.