While RSS.com does provide industry-leading analytics to podcasters, it is not currently possible to accurately determine how many followers/subscribers a show has. This is because most podcast players, apps, and directories either do not track followers/subscribers or they don't report those numbers. 

However, you can estimate the number of followers/subscribers for your show! RSS.com provides a new first-of-it's-kind metric called "RAS" or "Rolling Average Subscribers" which counts the number of individual listener devices downloading or streaming your show. "RAS" is the average for the first 24 hours of unique downloads for your last 3 episodes.

Example: If your show is released every Friday at 6:00 am and you get around 100 downloads every Friday morning week after week, then it's safe to assume that you have roughly 100 followers/subscribers (this number may include listeners who accessed the content in the first 24 hours through other means like social media, and aren't an actual "follower/subscriber" of your show).