Adding a Collaborator to Your Podcast

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Assign account access to your podcast team, and choose what tools and features they have access to! 

Types of collaborators

There are three different roles you can be assigned as a collaborator:

Owner: The Owner of the account is automatically assigned as the Owner. Only the owner can invite others to collaborate. The Owner has access to everything including billing and payments. This role is most often assigned to a network owner, producer, manager, or show host

Admin: Can manage episodes, access analytics, and edit settings (including the Apple Podcasts key), YouTube settings, and value4value wallet information. This role is most often assigned to editors, social media managers, hosts, & producers

Analyst: An Analyst can only view and export analytics. This role is most often assigned to sponsor reps, network reps, social media managers, and agents

Invite collaborators

Follow these easy steps to invite your team to join your podcast account:

1. Click on the settings tab, scroll down, and click the "Add Collaborator" button. This will take you to your Collaborator page.

2. Click "Add New Collaborator" on the Collaborators page to add a new team member.

3. Add an email address, name (optional), and select the role for your new team member. Click "Save changes"

4. After you save, the invite will show up on your Collaborators page as "pending," and an email will be sent out to the pending team member with instructions how to sign up and accept Collaborator access. [Disclaimer: Users have ten days to accept a collaboration invite. If a user rejects an invitation, the owner will not be able to invite the user a second time] 

5. After your new team member signs up and accepts, they will show up as "Accepted" under your Collaborators page

[Disclaimer: If the primary account ownership changes, all collaborators will be deleted. The new owner will have to invite collaborators again.]

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