What Happens to Your Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts When You Delete It from RSS.com?

Modified on Wed, 13 Mar 2024 at 03:13 AM

Let's talk about what happens behind the scenes when you decide it's time to part ways with your podcast on RSS.com. Essentially, you're saying goodbye to the very RSS feed that brought your podcast to life.

But what does this mean for your podcast's presence on platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts?

A Little Insight on Distribution Platforms

Platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts act like showcases for your RSS feed, constantly tuned in for any new episodes or updates you make. However, they don't actually store your audio files or keep copies of your content. So, when your RSS feed from RSS.com is removed, your podcast might linger on these platforms for a short while. Although it may still appear in searches or lists, any attempt to play an episode will fail—because the audio files it points to no longer exist.

Clearing Your Podcast from Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Want to make a clean break on all fronts? Whether you're tidying up before you delete your podcast from RSS.com or cleaning up after, we've got your back with step-by-step guides:

- How do I remove/archive my podcast from Apple Podcasts?

- How do I delete show I’ve already added to Spotify for Podcasters?

The Spotify auto-distribution exception

For those of you who took advantage of our hassle-free automatic distribution to Spotify, here's some good news! The moment you delete your podcast from RSS.com, we'll also take care of removing it from Spotify's listing.

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