With Podcasting 2.0, it is possible to stream audio and video podcast episode live thanks to the Live Item Tag (LIT).

On top of that, RSS.com supports Value4Value (V4V) with value splits. 

In the context of a live streaming of podcast episodes via LIT, V4V allows the audience to interact with the creators by sending real-time messages (also known as "boostagrams"), as well as donations in bitcoin via supporting apps. These donations can be sent manually or automatically for each minute of content played. Check out this article for more information on how Live Podcasting works.

We currently support the Live Item Tag (LIT) in beta version, i.e. we fully support LIT in our RSS feeds, but we don't offer an interface to the end user yet. To stream a live episode in your RSS feed hosted by RSS.com, please drop a line to support@rss.com, and we'll help you with the setup.