To redirect your podcast from Wordpress to you have to install the Wordpress "Redirection" plugin:

1. Install “Redirection” from the plugins menu and activate it:

2. Find “Redirection” in the Tools menu of WordPress.

3. Go through the setup (just click the blue buttons until it’s done)

4. Once you get to that point, add a new redirect.

5. Put /category/podcast/feed/ (if you are using the default feed) or whatever comes after your domain name in the feed you are using (category or channel) in the Source feed URL. Depending on the Feed URL you have to change this URL matching your podcast feed URL.

6. Put the full URL you are moving to in the target URL box for example

7. Save the redirect and test that it is working in the Chrome browser (recommended). It should switch INSTANTLY to the new URL. If it does not, something isn’t right or you need to clear your site’s cache.