Transcripts are simply text versions of your audio episodes. Transcripts can be used in a number of ways including improving search engine optimization (SEO) and providing better access to hard of hearing listeners. The instructions below will show you how to auto-generate and add a transcript to your podcast episode.

1. Sign in to your account and create a new episode or navigate to an existing one — that doesn't have a transcript, yet.

2. Once the episode is ready on the Studio, click on transcript icon.

3. Here, you'll get to choose the auto generated transcript or manually insert your own.

4. In the case of an auto generated transcript, pick the desired quality.

5. Sit back, and wait until the process is finished — we'll send you an email once it is done.

While the transcript is being generated, the status indicator will keep spinning:

6. Once the process has finished, the episode will be up for review. Remember that at this point the transcript hasn't already been published.

7. To publish a transcript you ought to tap again the transcript button, review if the auto transcript is ok, and  then save  and accept it.

8. At this point, your transcript will be ready, published and available at your episode.