The RSS Podcast URL is the permanent address for your podcast. It is used by all internet browsers and bots to find and read your web page. Like any address, it must be written correctly. Because you are allowed to make your own RSS Podcast URL, we need you to make sure the format is followed. 

Lower case alphanumeric URL characters are required. A valid RSS URL allows only lower case letters (a-z), and numbers (0-9) with no spaces.

Special characters are not allowed in the RSS Podcast URL. These include symbols, spaces, and capital letters.

Keep in mind that in this section, you only have to write the generic name of your podcast. For example, if you want a podcast with the name "my happy podcast": you have to erase the spaces and write in the box: "myhappypodcast" so that at the end your URL will turn up to be

When you see a message that says "This will be your permanent address. Once confirmed, it cannot be changed." it means that the address is available and you can use it. After this, you can click on the "Next" button and continue with the creation of your podcast.

IMPORTANT: If you try to put in this section the URL of a page that you already have, it will send an error. Please use only the generic name to create your podcast as previously described.

If you find a message that says "This address has already been taken!" you will need to choose a new name for your podcast:

After you put all the data the "Next" button will light up and you can continue to the next step.