Your Artwork Must Be:

- Max size: 400kb

- JPG or PNG image file

- Perfect square and at least 1400 x 1400 pixels. iTunes recommends images to be 3000 x 3000 pixels ( IMPORTANT: If you are distributing your music to the Amazon On Demand store, your artwork must be EXACTLY 1600 x 1600 pixels)

- Resolution of at least 72 dpi (300 dpi is better)

- Only include text stating the artist name and release title (exactly as it appears in the title you enter in TuneCore) or image only with no text

Do NOT include :

- Extra text outside of your release title and artist name

- Mismatching text on artwork and artist name/title (i.e. if you're uploading a single but your art says the album title where the single will later appear, this is a conflict. You must enter the single's title or no title on the art).

- Email addresses, URLs, or any other contact information or any pricing information

- Stickers or other items from your artwork in case you are scanning it in from a physical CD - please remove them

- Anything suggesting that your release is a physical or digital product, such as "CD," "DVD," "Digital Exclusive"

- Cut off artwork (cut off text or images) or blurry artwork

- Artwork that is compressed into one corner with the rest of the image having white space

- Anything saying "iTunes" or referencing a digital store name or logo

For more tips on creating the perfect artwork for your podcast, we suggest the following video available in our YouTube channel: