Before publishing an episode to YouTube, you should connect your to your YouTube channel.

You can do that by clicking on the PodViz button next to each episode.

You can also go to the Distribution section and click on the Activate button.

In there you'll be prompted to link you account to the Google account.

On top of that, to ensure the feature works, make sure that:

After these steps the aforementioned setting will display a green indicator and you'll be able to publish an episode to YouTube.

Once all validations have been completed successfully, the status PodViz button next to each episode will be updated to the default one, which is indicated by a purple dot with a plus icon.

Once you publish an episode, if you have a connected account, a confirmation modal will be displayed asking you to confirm the publication of the episode.

If you don't have a connected account, a modal will be displayed prompting you to go to the distribution page as shown in this article.