We believe in freedom of choice. If you'd like to redirect your podcast to another host, you can do so at any time!

Placing a redirect is like leaving a forwarding address on your podcast. It's a way for directories and listeners to be automatically sent from your old hosting site to your new hosting site. After placing a redirect, we suggest keeping your old host subscription active for at least a 45-90 day forwarding period to ensure all your listeners are forwarded and updated properly. Make sure to cancel your subscription after the forwarding period is over.

How to place a redirect on your RSS.com account:

1. Select the "Settings" tab on your dashboard

2. Scroll to the "Copy Protection" and disable the feature if it is active.

3. Scroll up to the "Redirect" section also in settings, and click on the button +Activate

4. Paste the feed URL from your new hosting site in the redirect field, and click "Redirect." If placed correctly, the redirect should work immediately.

5. Leave your RSS.com subscription and redirect active long enough for directories and listeners to be forwarded to your new feed URL. We suggest a forwarding period of 45-90 days before canceling your subscription.


Redirect service is not available on free trial accounts or after you cancel your podcast subscription.

Placing a redirect does not automatically cancel your subscription.