Our auto-submission tool allows you to submit your podcast to multiple directories like Spotify without signing up and submitting separately. If you still want to claim your show on Spotify to gain access to their platform-specific show info, follow the instructions below first.

1. Enable your Email address on your RSS account by following the steps in "How to enable the email address in the RSS feed, and wait 5-10 minutes. You email will be temporarily visible for 12 hours, and it sometimes takes several minutes to become visible to platforms like Spotify. Waiting a few minutes gives your email time to become visible before moving on to step 2 (submitting your feed address).

2. Register/Login to Spotify for Podcasters

3. Click on your username in the upper left corner, and select "Add or Claim your Podcast"

4. Enter the link to your podcast's feed. 
Important: If you receive an error saying you're email address is missing, wait two minutes, refresh, and try again. You will eventually receive a blue alert saying "Your podcast might already be on Spotify. Hit next to check." Click "Next" in the bottom right corner 
5. From here, you can follow the remaining steps as instructed.