All podcasters can enjoy up to 1TB a month of bandwidth under our Fair Usage clause.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the outbound transfer of data required for distributing content such as the audio files included in your podcast episodes. When someone downloads, plays or streams one or more podcast episodes from your show via a podcast player (e.g. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, etc.), they use bandwidth from

So what happens if my podcast has more than 1TB bandwidth in a given month?

We will keep distributing your podcast as usual using our high-performance content distribution network, with no immediate interruptions of service, but we may reach out to you to enroll you in the high bandwidth podcast plan to best adapt to your usage. High bandwidth podcasts are typically classified as any exceeding 1 terabyte of data transfer over a 30 day period. So how much will you pay when you are enrolled in the high bandwidth podcast plan? Outbound bandwidth over 1 terabyte will be billed at a rate of $49 per terabyte.

Because we host a large community of podcasters, we normally do not reach out to every user who experiences a sudden and temporary increase in downloads or bandwidth consumption (e.g. when a show gains temporary popularity because it gets mentioned in the news). 

However, if your show consistently passes the threshold of 1 terabyte bandwidth per month, well… Congratulations! Only 5% of podcasts worldwide reach this milestone! We'll be in touch and we can't wait to work with you as you grow even more.