What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the transfer of data required for distributing content such as the audio files included in your podcast episodes. When someone downloads, plays or streams one or more podcast episodes from your show via a podcast player (e.g. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, etc.), they use bandwidth from RSS.com.

Will I get charged extra for high-bandwidth?

Typically, we do not not impose limits or extra fees on the consumption of bandwidth for our "All In One Podcasting", "RSS Podcaster", "Gold" or other flat rate subscription plans that we offer to our users. Nonetheless, if your bandwidth usage is unusually high (i.e. higher than the 96% of all the other users of our platform), our team may choose to reach out to you to work together towards a solution. 

Because we host a large Community of podcasters, we normally do not reach out to every user who experiences a sudden and temporary increase in bandwidth consumption (e.g. when a show gains temporary popularity because it gets mentioned in the news). Our team typically gets in touch with a user when their consumption of bandwidth is consistently high for a prolonged period of time. When we do so, we actively propose concrete solutions including (but not limited to) reducing the size of the audio files (free of charge) or upgrading an existing flat rate plan to a custom offer. 

If we do reach out to a user, we typically write to the verified e-mail that we have on file in our system, and we expect their cooperation to address the issue. If a user is unresponsive after repeated reach out attempts from our team, we may, at our sole discretion, decide to terminate their account. To put this in perspective, RSS.com has been in the podcast hosting business since January 2018 and we have never terminated a user's account due to excessive bandwidth consumption thus far.

Do you offer high-bandwidth plans?

We also offer custom high-bandwidth plans for professional podcasters, podcast networks and enterprises. If you expect to host on RSS.com a high-traffic podcast with a very high bandwidth consumption, feel free to reach out to our Customer eXperience team at support@rss.com. We'll be glad to work with you on a custom-tailored plan to fit your needs.