Yes! Our episode scheduling feature allows you to schedule episodes as far as three years ahead of time. 

You can check the "how to" video on our page or follow these instructions:

4 Easy Steps to Scheduling Your New Episodes 

Step 1.  Log in to your account and click “New Episode” to add your episode

Step 2. Enter your new episode details, then click “Schedule” to choose the time and date your episode will be released

Step 3. Choose the time and date you want your episode to go live. Then, click “Confirm.”

Step 4. Upload your audio and click “Schedule Episode.” When the date and time you’ve chosen arrives, your new episode will automatically go live!

Scheduling your podcasts also makes promotion more manageable.

When you know the exact date and time that an episode is going to go live, you can create teasers, write blog posts in advance, and tell your podcast guests when to expect the release. Of course, once the episode is live it’s a good idea to send your guests a follow-up email with the link to their episode to remind them to promote it. Remember, the easier you can make it for your guests to promote their upcoming episodes, the better!

We suggest you check out our video explaining this process in more detail: