We are happy you trust us with your podcast and hope to help you with your next one quickly. We are also happy to give you a 30% discount for 1 year, when you create your 2nd or more podcasts with us. To take advantage of this offer, simply create your new account and email us (support@rss.com) to let us know you've successfully created the account.

We are currently working on multiple podcasts for a singe user functionality for our platform and expect it to be ready by the Early of 2021. In the meantime, an easy work-around will allow you to have more than one podcast. 

If you are using a gmail.com address, you can add the name of your podcast with the "+" character to always use the same email address.  Important: this trick is only valid with @gmail and @hotmail addresses.

For example, if your email is myemail@gmail.com, you can use the email myemail+podcast1@gmail.com and all emails will be sent to the email address myemail@gmail.com.



We're here to help you walk through this process if needed.